AZENDE Corporation, located south of Ecuador, is a family company with a legacy of quality and experience,

it evolves its products, presentations, coverage and advertising campaigns to accompany globalized consumer trends.

Guarantee and Quality

Quality is one of the pillars that our brand and product philosophy are based on. Quality is reflected in all our production, marketing, distribution, branding processes, etc…

Every product produced by the Azende Corporation is subject to strict quality control processes at each stage of elaboration from the PET bottling and packaging through post sale quality control, ensuring a product according to the most demanding tastes of our customers.

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Foreign Trade:

Juan Fernando Vázquez

Zhumir Latin Spirit

Zhumir has its essence in the "Latin spirit". A brand that lives and communicates with passion, that finds and highlights the characteristics of young people in their consumption time.

"Zhumir done as Latin America, to the beach, the forest and the mountains, the party and friends; the irreverence and passion for living."